Fall 2017


This is the first dream I would like to write down after coming back from Colombia. I was sick for a while and just recovered, with full energy. Before bed I had a meeting with Koichi, Rit, and Tew at a Chinese restaurant about the upcoming soundtrack album. For dessert I had Ginkgo Biloba, which I think contributed to this vivid dream I had. There were two stories stitched together.

In the first one I found myself in a monkey colony in a setting that was half forest, half city. I was there with a mission but I don’t remember the details. I knew that human and monkey territories were separated. I was protected by a monkey without whom I would be attacked by the other monkeys. It was at night. I was asleep in a large warehouse in the forest. In my sleep I knew that the monkeys loved to drink pens’ ink. I had all kinds of pens with me, ballpoint pens, gel pens, etc. The monkeys would attack you to steal the pens and suck the ink from them. In my sleep I knew I had stashed two valuable black-ink pens inside my polo shirt, on my chest, behind the buttons. In the middle of the night I sensed that there were monkeys in silhouette crawling along the ceiling’s beams above me. My monkey protector was not there. As they came closer they shone a flashlight at me. I woke up. They turned off the flashlight. I tried to lift myself up but I couldn’t. I couldn’t open my eyes. It was a struggle with myself as the hungry monkeys were approaching. Finally I called out my friend who was sleeping beside me, “Raymond, Raymond, Raymond!” I repeated his name many times but no one answered. I woke up. In the dark I saw that I was sleeping alone. It was 3:35 am. I was exhausted from the dream and the jet lag. I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t. The monkeys’ presence was still there. Then I remembered that at dinner Tew told me that Rit, her husband, often had nightmares that made him shout in his sleep, violently. My shouting might have happened due to this information. 

After I fell asleep I had a second dream. I was also on a mission in a Colombian jungle. I trekked to different villages to murder several mafias. I was accompanied by a man who was a top-rate assassin. But our mafia targets were expert killers as well. The numbers of their kills flashed by—100 people killed in this village, fifty people killed there. But the numbers also included something like twenty people killed by landslides. Then we were joined by a woman killer. She said that she hadn’t slept with a man for eight years and to feel free to sleep with her. Then I was told that the mafias travel in gangs and about twenty percent of them were gays who slept with one another. We arrived at the outskirts of a village full of trees. I was looking for a spot where I could shoot. But I don’t remember the rest of the dream except that it was all about looking for the places to shoot, or for hiding spots. There was not really any action taking place.

The next day a friend emailed me: 

“I dreamed about you last night (a dream!). We were talking on the phone. I was using a traditional payphone inside a booth on the side of the road. The noise of the traffic was very loud and a bus swerved along the curve and its engine drowned out what you were saying and I didn’t hear what you said. I asked you and you didn’t reply but said we should have dinner to talk about it. I can’t remember what the topic was, but it sounded serious.”